Don’t Replace Your Carpet – ReNew It!

It’s true. I have had quite a few customers through the years who have thought to shell out the big expense of buying new carpeting for their home, but who were truly amazed at the results after scheduling to ReNew Barefoot Clean instead. Some have said that the ‘big companies’ previously could not get out the stains, or that they would not even try to do so after seeing the dismal situation. However, I have had clients over and over and over tell me how happy they are with my professional carpet cleaning method. And, the fact that it is a quick-dry procedure just adds to their satisfaction, because they really did not like to soak their carpets with the steam-cleaning method. I have now been in the Orlando and Orange County, Florida area for over two years, with nearly twenty years total experience in carpet cleaning. I work with Realtors, sellers, buyers, homeowners, and professional offices. So, don’t replace your carpet – call to ReNew it. I will be up front with you, if there is truly a color change situation or some other non-conventional stain that can’t be cleaned, but honestly I am very thankful for the great customer satisfaction that comes with a great process and honest labor. I am the sole technician, so you will know ahead of time who you are getting to come into your home or office. Call me at 407-777-4946 today.