The Low-Down on Carpet Dirt!

At ReNew, We Understand Dirt

Here at ReNew, we understand dirt. In fact, we tackle dirt every time we clean carpet. Dealing with stubborn carpet dirt is our business.

Like you, we know that dirt can be useful in its place. Spring bulbs need it to bloom. (Hello, Spring!) In fact, most plants need it to grow, because ‘green needs brown’ to flourish.

But, we also understand that what our customers enjoy outside is not necessarily welcome in their St. Louis homes. We get it. Dirt, although very important for your flowers, is not desirable in your foyer. Still, all kinds of particulate matter gets tracked inside on a daily basis, even with the ‘unwelcome’ mats you have strategically placed at each door.

Dirty Facts

So, what can you do when your outside soil gets deposited on your inside carpet? You can dry vacuum, of course. But, what else can you do? YOU CAN VACUUM AGAIN. Seriously. Vacuuming is your number one defense against carpet soil. Approximately 80% of carpet ‘dirt’ can be vacuumed away. This fact is the number one most important low-down fact on carpet dirt there is to know.

But, here are some more dirty facts. Soil not only includes particulate matter, such as sand and gravel, but it also includes organic matter like human or animal dander as well as various pollutants, food spills and oily substances. Also, most soil particles are acidic and range between 2 and 10 microns, a size which allows some of them to sift further down into your carpet pile than others. More importantly, soil particles can dull your carpet. In fact, the longer soil remains in your carpet the more damage it can do, because some soil can actually scratch carpet fibers.

Get Rid of the Dirt in YOUR Carpet

So, vacuum frequently to remove that 80%. And, when you need help removing the 20% of other types of soil that your vacuum can’t handle, we will gladly ReNew your carpet to barefoot clean. Be sure to keep your vacuum…and our phone number…handy, because dirt does not stay outside.

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